“Fashion is a powerful vehicle for change”- Evie Evangelou, Fashion 4 Development 

The Fashion Group International’s National Trend Presentation, featuring Evie Evangelou of F4D, Mary Lou Luther -Creative Director of Fashion Group International and Global Fashion Week Trend Reporter, Margaret Hayes of Fashion Group International, Ken Dowing of Neiman Marcus, Ying Chu- International Beauty Director of Glamour and many others, discussing the exciting launch of F4D Middle East in 2014.

At Fashion Group International’s 2014 spring/summer trend presentation event, F4D announced the launch of its first-ever F4D global franchise – Fashion 4 Development Middle East – with a curated exhibition of couture from the region. Following the extremely positive reception of Middle Eastern designs featured during F4D’s annual First Ladies Luncheon in September, the private sector organization has formally signed on to support the development of the Middle East’s promising fashion landscape.

The effort will introduce the collections and handwork of Souad Jarrar and Sandra Mansour of Lebanon, Laila Neamatalla of Egypt, Kaya Jeddah and Lalya Moussa of Saudi Arabia, Zein Housana of Jordan, and Massouma Al Nowais of the United Arab Emirates – seven up-and-coming designers from five countries under the umbrella of F4D Middle East.

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