Pikolinos Pop Up Store

We joined Pikolinos for an inside view of the launch of their pop-up store in New York which boasts a unique collection of shoes embroidered by the Maasai women of Kenya which was truly a celebration of cultural exchange.  In a society where poverty and oppression are typically pervasive, activist companies like Pikolinos are striving to empower and shift that experience for Kenyan women by engaging them in the assistance and creation of quality products.

The star-studded evening featured guests from Juan Peran, founder of Pikolinos, brother Juan Manuel Peran, Pikolinos Vice President, leader of the Maasai Tribe William Kikanae, President of ADCAM Rosa Escandell, Global Ambassador for Pikolinos Bisila Bokoko, Maasai Project Ambassador Olivia Palermo, among a host of other noteworthy guests.  Celebrity Activist Africa Engo participated as the evening’s host.

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